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2020: Just The Beginning

(Photo by Andreas Chu on Unsplash: cropped)

Year 2020 was off to a bad start. It seems like the end of the world is coming just because of all the disasters that’s happening in the world, and the future seems to be fading. But you know the saying, “the calm after the storm” or “there is a rainbow after the rain”? I think that’s what is happening right now. The world (and people) has become dark, and now it’s cleansing it for a new beginning. So even if the future seems a blur right now, start hoping and dreaming again for a future you desire!

And that’s what I did! ‘Warm and Cozy by Kristine’ was actually made in the middle of the pandemic crisis and everyone is home quarantine. It started when my siblings and I were playing video games on my brother’s PS4, and suddenly my interests in games came back. I started browsing the internet for games and to cut the long story short, I’ve gotten ideas to make a gaming channel, life and travel blog and vlogs. And I was also planning for the next year! Suddenly, I started dreaming for the future again; suddenly the future seems to be a little bit clearer to me. I talked to my sister about this and we brainstormed for ideas. The next day I made my blog website for the whole day until I finish it. I was so happy and proud that I did it!

So let’s all start dreaming again, especially now, we more than need it! Let’s not lose hope. Here’s how to get started:

1. Have a pen and paper/notebook.

2. Go to a part of your home where you most feel relaxed and peaceful. It could be your balcony, your room, your garden or even your kitchen! Much preferred if you can see outside your house, so you’ll see the sky (do this in the morning). This will help you for the next step.

3. Calm yourself and clear your head. It’s like doing meditation.

4. Close your eyes or look at the sky, and imagine what you want in your life. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new laptop or new lifestyle or even to learn new skills. Everything you want and want to do.

5. Write everything down. Plan everything. You could even put dates on when you will do it.

6. Once you’re done, check your list for the things that you could do even if you are still home-quarantine, and start doing those. It’s better to start at something, right?

7. Always check your list, so you wouldn’t forget and for you to attract it. Law of Attraction applies here. (from the book/film, The Secret)

You could also do this with your family or friends or with your significant other. It’s actually more fun to do it with others because you’ll have more ideas and you might get inspired by their goals and dreams as well. And this is like affirming to the universe that you already have them (again, law of attraction).

If you want to know how to properly write your goals and dreams, check out the book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, or you could watch it on Netflix.

You could get it here:

I hope, amidst of all the disasters, we learn something from it. I hope we learn to be compassionate, humble, grateful, and to remember to take care our dying world. I hope we all learn to dream again. How about you? What are your goals and dreams in the future? Comment it down below. I want to know yours for inspiration. :)



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