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Being 30

(Photo by Marina Lima on Unsplash: cropped)

I’m not 30 years old yet, but I’m almost there. I remember when I was still in my teenage years, I would know my age and can’t seem to care of becoming an adult. I guess that’s what teenagers are excited about–to be an adult because it means you can make decisions, make money of your own, live your life that you wanted and not worry about exams and grades. But once you become an adult, you realize that yes, you can do those things and more, but there are also new sets of problems and worries you’ll have. And now, you are wishing you are a kid again or a teenager again.

But when I pass my 18th year, I purposely decided to not know my age when my birthday comes. Suddenly, I was dreading adding number on my age. And becoming 30 seems like a curse! This dreaded feelings also happens to everyone. But why? I was so curious why that is. Why is it a big deal when you turn 30 or 40 or even 50?

Then I realized what is the big deal about becoming 30. And it’s not really about the age, but more of what have you done or accomplished in your life. In the society, if you are 30 years old but don’t have a family yet, people will question your actions and everything about your life. And even if you are currently happy with your life, they’ll still see you differently. And I’m sure a lot of you experience these kind of things, especially with your family and relatives, or even friends.

“Are you dating anyone?” “When are you planning to settle down?” – I think these questions are the most common one we hear about.

I guess that’s the reason why almost everyone dreaded to become 30. Because of that, people feel like at 30 they should have already accomplished a lot. But we evolve and time changes. I’m happy that this kind of thinking is changing bit by bit, but it’s still there. It may not be more about having family, but more about what have you done in your life leading to 30. And the pressure is on! Sometimes I just sit and think, what have I done? I’m almost 30 years old and I feel like that I didn’t even do anything worthy enough yet. And with this kind of thinking, comparing your life to others happens, especially now with social media it was so easy to become lost. Your priorities changes and people are becoming greedier.

But then, I also realized that we should also go easy on ourselves. We should think more about ourselves than what other people think. It’s easier said than done but when you finally do, it’s like a ton of weight lifted off of your shoulders. It’s also good that we have moments where we could reflect on things, especially about our lives, and with that we could start planning for our future and really accomplish things that we want to do. Let’s forget about the age because it doesn’t matter what age you are now. It’s more about your actions and perspective in life are much more important. And don’t pressure yourself about things you should have done. Again, have a moment to yourself and reflect about your life. You may not know it but you have already done so many. It may be small things, like helping your neighbour with something or spent time with your family. It doesn’t matter how small they are, as long as you know what makes you happy, they are accomplishments already. And don't worry if you haven't figure it all out, because you'll discover it through time. Set your priorities, start dreaming and planning for your future, and little by little, do them. Be proud if you’re 30 or 40 or 50, because it measures your strength and wisdom. As you age, you will learn a lot of things about life and you’ll treasure those moments because that’s what makes you stronger, especially when you achieve those dreams. Life is just making us ready for the blessings we deserve, so that when we already have those blessings, we will not waste it and we will appreciate it more.

Let’s continue to look forward in the future.

How about you? Did you also dread on becoming 30? Did you experience these kind of things or still experiencing it? Tell me on the comment down below and give this some love. Share this as well, maybe you know someone that already gone through with these and can give us some more insight or maybe someone you know is still going through with these.



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