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The Pressure Of Love

(Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash: Cropped)

There are different kinds of love but I mean this in a romantic way. Romantic love seems to have more pressure and it’s very complicated than any other kind of love.

In society, with your peers and even with your family, they put pressure on you when it comes to love. People question you and sometimes discriminate you just because you are single or even because you are a virgin in all kind of aspects.

I grew up in a very conservative family, and even until now I never experience any romantic relationship yet. Just thinking about it, sometimes, I feel ashamed and embarrassed. I’m already 27 years old and I still don’t have any experience in that department. There were times where I told myself, “why not try just for the heck of it?” But I backed out because I realized that I want a meaningful relationship.

Isn’t love supposed to be given to special someone? Isn’t love to be treasured forever? Isn’t love needs trust and faith? But why is it used so loosely? Why is there more heartbreak and separation? Why is there disrespect and abuse in a relationship? Why do some people jump from one relationship to another? There’s a lot of questions I ask to myself as I see so many people hurting, breaking, and even dying in the name of love. There’s a lot of questions I ask myself that leaves me more afraid to love. And I sometimes doubt love.

Is love worth it?

Sometimes I question other people’s actions and decisions when it comes to this. But who am I to judge? It just saddened me that some people use love to hurt others; they use love to satisfy their curiosities; they use love just to use you.

But there are also people who find they true love and live happily. I even see old couple who are still so in love with each other. I am not naïve to think that there will be no hardships even though you are in a happy and secure relationship. I know there will be, and any couple have to go through that and learn from it. I guess I am more afraid if I will ever find a partner that will be faithful, loyal and so loving to me; someone that will balance me and humble me, and I will do the same to him.

I’m still not sure if I want to have a family of my own yet. But as of now, I am truly happy just being in a relationship with myself. I am happy with my dog. He’s like my baby, forever! I am discovering myself and learning a lot in life. I am stronger and wiser than I was before. I am achieving and working towards my dreams. I will not let anyone be responsible for my happiness, because that would be just selfish of me, but I know I am ready to share my happiness with another person. For me, happiness should come from within you; you should discover it yourself first, and then share it to other people. I think this applies to all type of relationships. So, when the right time comes and I meet my second half, I will be ready. Or even when I meet someone but he’s not “the one”, I know that person has a role in my life–one of the lessons that I learned in life (check out my blog about that, here), and I would be able to understand. I know that until I’m in a relationship, I can never tell what’s going to happen. I know, even when I am ready, I need to put effort in a relationship for it to really work.

I just don’t want a relationship; I want true love.

How about you? What is your experience in love? Do you have any tips to have a healthy relationship? Or are you still looking for “The One”? Comment them all down on the comment section and let’s hear your story.



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